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It's time to enjoy fitness and feel confident in your own skin

Ready to ditch the gym overwhelm and start loving fitness from home? SCULPT is the membership and community you've been looking for. 


YOU want to incorporate movement into your everyday life so you can feel confident, strong, and energized without being overwhelmed or tied to the gym.


WE have the workouts, programmes, and community to make all of that possible - in a supported and empowered way that will easily fit into your schedule and gets you where you want to go.

SCULPT offers a variety of live fitness classes, on demand workouts, monthly recipe books, and community support that will lead you to a healthier and happier you.


​JOIN the SCULPT community today and immediately get a 4 week workout plan. 



Weekly live zoom workouts with a variety of strength, cardio, yoga, pilates and flexibility classes.

150+ on demand classes you can take anytime, anywhere.

YouTube compatibility on all on demand workouts.

Workout programmes specific to your current fitness abilities.

Monthly recipe packs with foods you love and can enjoy guilt-free.

Bespoke supplement bundle to help you look and feel your best.

Private community group with 24/7 support.

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"I signed up for SCULPT for almost a year and am so glad I did. I love the live strength, yoga and pilates classes and if I can't join live, there's always new on demand workouts I get to try. I really enjoy the instructors teaching and would highly recommend this membership to anyone."

— Becky H.


"I've been a SCULPT member for 9 months now and can say that all of the live classes are really good with excellent guidance from the lovely instructors. My running performance has improved greatly since joining and appreciate all of the help I get from the membership."

— Benita G.

"I’ve tried a lot of different at home workout programs and can honestly say SCULPT is the best by far. I was afraid I would bulk in my legs or arms from doing strength workouts again but instead I'm achieving the toned, lean look I want and I feel really great doing it."

— Krista K.


"I absolutely love the live classes included in this membership! I've never done any flexibility type classes till joining and it's felt so nice on my body. It's also worked great doing it from home as I work full-time.Thanks for helping me fall in love with fitness xx"

— Olivia F.


World Class Instructors

Flexible Workout Plans

24/7 Support


Guaranteed Results 


As an award-winning fitness instructor and coach, I have helped hundreds of women fall in love with fitness and make movement an enjoyable part of their day.

I've also gone through my own fitness transformation so I can relate to you first hand on the struggles you're currently experiencing.


It’s my mission to make exercise and personal transformations accessible to women no matter how busy you are. SCULPT brings world class fitness instruction to your home with the tools you need to tone up, build strength, and feel confident in your own skin.


This membership is where you'll find the support and motivation you need to find balance and show up at your best every single day. I can't wait for you to become the next success story!


Increased Energy. Every SCULPT exercise class is programmed to ensure that you leave feeling energized rather than depleted.

Improved Strength + Posture. Tone up and build strength while increasing your flexibility and improving your alignment, balance, and posture.

Sustainability. Each SCULPT fitness class is 30 minutes or less, providing an incredibly effective alternative to gruelling and lengthy workouts that are unrealistic with your busy schedule.

Reduced Injury Risk. Our world class instructors are trained to ensure you always finish feeling the effects of a great workout without compromising your form or putting immense pressure on your joints.  


Balanced Hormones + Stress Levels. Keep your stress levels in check and hormones balanced with guided exercises that will reduce unnecessary impact on your body. 

Accessibility. Have an amazing workout from the comfort of your own home, office or holiday destination without the need for complex equipment or access to a gym.



Fitness Ladies

Feel Happier, Healthier & Stronger Today


I love SCULPT and the variety of workouts available. Being a massive Strength fan, but also being able to include Flexibility workouts is a nice way to change up my workout routine. Five stars!

- Jennifer L.

Absolutely brilliant. This has changed my life and given me my confidence back. Easy to use platform, easy to find what you want, makes you want to try new things and Amanda is a great instructor. 

- Louise R.

It’s the only platform I never stopped loving and following. With the variety of workouts, the music and the first class teaching from Amanda - it's truly one of a kind! I also love the Private Community and the 24/7 support.

- Amelia D.

  • SCULPT Membership

    Every month
     10 day free trial
    • Unlimited live fitness classes
    • 150+ on demand workouts
    • Monthly recipe ebook
    • Women's supplement bundle
    • Private community group
    • 24/7 support
  • Who is a Power Hour for?
    Power Hours are for anyone who is starting or progressing in their weight loss journey but feels stuck, overwhelmed or just wants an objective view on what they’re doing right now and how it could be improved. In one hour, I can give you the knowledge and strategies to: - Lose those last few pounds and actually keep them off - Accomplish your new fitness goal - Prevent your family’s health history repeating itself - Eliminate ​that afternoon energy slump - Manage stress better - ​Find healthier sugar alternatives - Create healthier habits that will stick for good Because I’ve been where you are right now, I can share with you my experiences, tips and tricks, and coaching skills to help you find and trust your own path and solutions.
  • Why should I work with you?
    I have personally gone through a transformational weight loss journey after a decade struggle with yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, and unsustainable workout schedules. I lost 50 lbs. and have kept ALL of it off – without eliminating food groups, measuring portion sizes, depriving myself of meals out, or feeling like I had to spend hours in the gym to get the body I wanted. Now my life’s mission is to help women like you regain confidence in yourself and live the life you deserve. It truly is possible!
  • What is your refund policy?
    If you need to cancel the 60 minute session, please do so by giving at least 48 hours’ notice and a full refund will be given. If cancellation occurs with less than 48 hours’ notice, no refund will be given. However, the session can be moved to another date and time. If the power hour has gone ahead, no refund is available.
  • Can I book multiple power hours?
    No, sorry! If you are wanting on-going support and guidance in your weight loss journey, check out my 1:1 weight loss coaching packages.


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