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Your 1:1 Body Boost

Whether you’re starting a new weightloss journey or you’ve hit a brick wall in your progress, this can be a really overwhelming commitment to undertake. Help is at hand to simplify things and show you how you can really move the needle.

Are you...

Fed up with restricting your favourite chocolate or snacks?


Struggling to find healthier alternatives to sugar?


Wanting more energy to keep up with your kids or daily activities?


Longing to feel good in your clothes again and when you look at yourself in the mirror?


Trying to stop worrying about what you eat and when?


Wrestling to lose weight and actually keep it off long-term?


Imagine a world where:

You reach your goal weight and keep it there.

You accomplish your fitness goals.


You're not worried about your family’s health history repeating itself.

You reach the end of the day still buzzing with energy.

You have better techniques to deal with daily stress.

You've found healthier alternatives to sugar.

You've create healthier habits that are here for good.


Get the help you need now


You need a Power Hour if...

You need a little first aid in your weight loss journey.


You’re ready to make lasting change and you’re not afraid to put the work in.

You’ve tried all the “silver bullets” and you’re only interested in genuine, sustainable results now.

You want some clarity and direction to overcome all the noise weight loss companies bombard you with.


You're looking for a ‘get it done’ session that will help you break through some limiting thoughts to help you move forward.

What you get:

One 60 minute 1:1 session via zoom or phone.​


A detailed set of notes and resources sent to you after our session to help you achieve your goals.


15 weight loss recipes and 7 day meal plan.


Full food shopping list. 


7 day workout plan.

Client Testimonials

"Amanda was so insightful. She explored my weight dilemma in a knowledgeable and empathetic way, while allowing me to self-assess my own approach as we talked. 

After the session, I felt energised, refreshed, and motivated. I have my goals in mind and am still on track after a few weeks."

— Kim, England

"Amanda is extremely friendly & easy to talk to. She provided so many helpful resources after the session too. I would recommend her to anyone that needs support in their health journey. I felt really positive and focused on my goals after our session & can confidently say I am now back on track."

— Ellie, England

Are You Ready For Your Power Hour?

Your Investment: £100


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