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Discover weight loss, personal training and group fitness with a difference

Fitness Ladies

Hi, I’m so glad you are here! I’m Amanda Place, and I help busy women lose weight for good - without fad diets or restrictions.


Imagine fitting into a new swimsuit, wearing your favourite jeans that are currently packed away in the back of your wardrobe, and feeling great about how you look and feel...


Yes, this IS possible for you.


And it’s going to take commitment from you and the best support there is to keep you going when things get tough. It won’t happen overnight, but you’re already here, taking the first step - you’re well on the way already.

It breaks my heart to see you struggle with yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, and unsustainable workout schedules.


You don't need to eliminate food groups, measure portion sizes, deprive yourself of meals out, or feel like you have to spend hours in the gym to get the body you want.


My mission is to help women like you:


- Free yourself from that constant struggle with food.


- Get to your goal weight and permanently keep it where you want it, without feeling miserable or deprived.


- Regain confidence in yourself and your body.


- Live the life you truly deserve.

Sculptrition is the answer you’ve been looking for to achieve the transformation you've always wanted.

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My Values 


I will always be honest with you about what is possible on this transformational journey. I won't shy away from the highs or the lows that you will experience. But I will stop at nothing to ensure that you get everything you need for success.



I want to empower you while taking action on your health. You will never be made to feel confused, stupid or less-than. My goal is to make myself obsolete to you, because you’ve gained so much from our time together. You'll believe in yourself and have the confidence to move forward on your journey without me.


Everything I do and teach is with the belief that taking action is the way to achieve your goals. My own transformation is proof that by showing up, being consistent and using the compound effect of taking small steps, you will get the results you're looking for.

My Story

Born and raised in Canada, my passion for health and fitness stems from 15 years of competitive dance, which led me to pursue several qualifications in Health and Fitness and worked alongside industry experts in both Canada and the United States.


However, in that same time I was battling a decade long struggle with yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, and unsustainable workout schedules.


I moved to the UK to be with my now husband, which is when I realised I needed to make a change. I lost 50 lbs / 3.5 st / 23 kg and have kept all of it off – without eliminating food groups, measuring portion sizes, depriving myself of meals out, or spending hours in the gym.

Today, I help women just like you achieve the same.

I have a vision of a world where every woman loves their body and radiates confidence in everything they do. And I will stop at nothing to make that ideal world a reality.

When I'm not passionately working, I'm a step mum to an outspoken teenager, a fur mum to 2 hyperactive dogs, a wife to a self proclaimed wine snob, and I eat peanut butter every day. 

I’d love to hear more about your story. Book a call and let's have a chat.


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