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Working with Amanda has been completely life changing and is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have lost 4 stone and went from a UK size 20 to size 10. I can't thank Amanda enough for her support throughout the process and would recommend her programme to anyone who wants to lose weight, make it a lifestyle change and still enjoy the good things in life.
Sabrina R., England 


I’m so so happy with my results after completing Amanda's Total Transformation Program. I’ve lost 45 lbs in weight, dropped 3 dress sizes, and have developed a much healthier relationship with food.

Jennifer R., Canada

What can I say about working with Amanda, amazing! I have totally changed my shape and I feel great. I have far exceeded my expectations and now feel that my years of yo-yo dieting and hours of cardio are firmly in the past!

Katie C., Ireland

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.41.41 AM.png

I have lost 60lbs so far and can honestly say it has been without deprivation or a painful exercise regime (my previous default system). If you are looking to lose weight and make a healthy life change then Sculptrition is your go to. I couldn't have asked for more than this! ⁣

Kat M., England

Since starting to work with Amanda I have lost 50l bs and reached my goal weight for the first time. I have shifted the way I eat for the better, and my workouts have become my favourite part of the day.

Julia P., USA

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Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 8.10.53 PM.png

Amanda has been so helpful in my weight loss journey. She exceeded my expectations in her knowledge of fitness/nutrition and provides a non-judgemental space to lose weight in a healthy way. I have lost 3 stone without cutting out any foods/drink and have the confidence to wear shorts again, which I was scared to do for 3 years. I would recommend Sculptrition to anyone who wants a healthy life change and is ready to feel the most confident they ever have.

Lauren S., England

I had spent my whole adult life losing and regaining the same weight. At 50 years old, I was feeing unhealthy, weak and unhappy about what I saw in the mirror. I knew I couldn’t continue the same cycle of restriction, some weight loss and then gaining it all again. I had tried every diet and fitness program out there and wanted to find a different approach that would actually stick. Online coaching with Sculptrition was where I turned, and I have learned so much from it. The fundamental thing Amanda helped me change was my mindset and my ‘all or nothing’ thinking. She gave me workouts and meals I actually enjoyed and helped me make small but accumulative improvements. She has expert knowledge of nutrition and fitness – especially regarding menopause – and translates this into doable actions. After 6 months, I am in the best shape of my life and am loving the new stronger, healthier me. If you are thinking of working with Amanda, please do it; you will not regret it!

Susan C., USA

Nina Testimonial.jpg

What I have achieved while working with Amanda has exceeded beyond all of my expectations. I’ve lost 1.5 stone without denying myself of any food or drink and am so much more confident in who I am. Amanda has helped change my whole mindset, live a happier life and make this a life changing process. There is truly nothing she could have done better and is amazing at what she does. Whenever things seemed tough she would always be positive and have questions for me to shift my perception of a situation, which is what makes her different to anyone else. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their confidence and body image. She has played a huge part in my transformational journey and I hope to continue working with her in the future.


Nina P., England

Nina Testimonial

Before Sculptrition, I wasn’t looking after myself or prioritizing being healthy or working out. I felt very low and so I signed up for the Total Transformation Programme to have support in getting to where I wanted to be – happier and lighter. This programme provided me with the full package but without the quick win diet plans and the 1-2-1 nature of it helped me transform my exercise, healthy eating, and overall lifestyle. I have lost 2 stone and feel great both physically and mentally. Amanda was kind, warm, supportive, and amazing at helping me fall in love with exercise again. Although my journey isn’t complete, this has completely changed my lifestyle in the most positive way!

 Ally P., England

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 9.50.19 AM.png

I was at my lowest point when I found Amanda. I signed up for the Total Transformation Programme hoping to fix my destructive ways with food. She was there to guide me right from the beginning and gave me important life-changing steps to find myself again. I lost 4 stone during our time working together and was given the tools to exchange my poor lifestyle habits for new, healthy and positive ones. I also feel the fittest, strongest and most positive I ever have in over 2 decades.  This programme will truly change your life for the better. Thank you Amanda for providing us women with a safe space to unlock our true potential and live our best lives. 

Gulen L., England

I went to Sculptrition in desperation after several failed diet attempts on my own. After 3 months working with Amanda I've lost a total of 2st/28lbs, 10% body fat and 30 inches. Amanda has motivated and encouraged me to lead a better, healthier lifestyle and I have greatly reaped the rewards of that. I have dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 and my confidence has grown massively. Amanda is extremely passionate about what she does and is an absolute blessing to have as a coach."

Aimee M., England

Aimee Testimonial.jpg

Amanda has been extremely helpful in my weight loss journey. I found her very easy to talk to and she provided me with great diet advice that fitted in with my busy mom lifestyle. Through her coaching and guidance, I’ve been able to lose 20 pounds and actually keep it off! I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and truly feel that I’m living a happier, healthier life.
Caroline B., USA 

Working with Amanda at Sculptrition is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was struggling with a binge eating for a long time and completely lost my self-confidence. After completing the Total Transformation Programme I have lost 5 stone, made exercise a part of my daily routine and am a much more healthy and positive person. Amanda was always there to show me my successes even when I didn't see them and celebrated every milestone big or small. Most of all, she provided me with a non-judgemental space to open up and allow myself time to really see things as they were, enabling me to make the changes to live an amazing life now. I will be forever grateful for Amanda's help and guidance as it wouldn't have been possible without her. 

Ketty M., England


Thank you Amanda for helping me to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve my weight loss goal of 20 pounds and completely eliminate my gout attacks. Amanda is a caring and dedicated professional helping her clients achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to lose weight or develop long lasting lifestyle changes to live a healthier and happier life. Keep up the fabulous work you do in changing peoples lives for the better. 
Maria G., Canada

Demi Testimonial

If you want to start a healthy way of losing weight or need help achieving your fitness goals, book a session with Amanda! I've always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and would typically go for a quick fix when trying to lose weight, but it's so much more important to understand your body and its needs in order to achieve success long-term. Amanda helped me understand how to make healthy choices whilst having a busy work schedule. She tailored her programme to my body's needs, current routine, and lifestyle preferences, making it much easier to adopt healthier habits. Thanks to Amanda I lost over 2 stone and developed a healthier relationship with food without restrictions. 

Demi C., England


Highly recommended. 5 stars: Amanda coached me for 3 months, and she has been amazing! She really did go above and beyond what was required of her. I initially came to her for help with my autoimmune condition, but she also helped me with my anxiety, diet, exercise, clothing, negative thoughts, sleep issues, other skin conditions etc. It's been great! The most amazing news is that in the areas that were most painful, my autoimmune condition has now gone! But also, I have managed to get from 5k to 10k in my running, and am now planning a half marathon. I have sorted out my sleep routine, and have a much more positive outlook on life. Thank you Amanda, you have been great. I am looking forward to working with you again , when I have more goals to conquer.

Amanda H., England

Jessica Testimonial

I signed on with Amanda hoping to lose weight and reshape my relationship with food - particularly moving away from using food to cope with stress and binge-eating. During our time together I learned so much about my mindset, how to change habits and goal setting. Amanda was very encouraging and never made me feel like I was less than, which was an important part in helping me shift my mindset. Once I was done the programme, I lost over 20 pounds and completely eliminated binge-eating from my life. I have also shifted my attitude towards exercise, regularly running 5km and do yoga with meditation for 30 minutes a day. This programme provides you with compassion and patience, which I've never experienced in other programmes. Issues around food are usually so much more than what you are or are not eating and in-grained habits are difficult to change on your own. It is invaluable to have someone who is in your corner and supports you in moving in the right direction rather than having a go at you if you slip up. Thank you Amanda for changing my life!

Becky M., Canada

117-Pound-Beachbody-Weight-Loss-Transformation copy.jpg

Amanda is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health. I worked with her for 3 months and apart from feeling much better about myself, I have lost over 20 pounds. I am much more motivated and feeling better about different aspects of my life. Thank you for everything you've done, Amanda. I know you will carry on supporting me as I continue to accomplish more of my goals.

Wendy P., England 

Amanda was amazing. After completing the In-Depth Programme I have lost 1 stone, achieved balance in my diet, and improved my fitness levels substantially. I no longer binge eat from stress or anxiety and I have a much more positive mindset. Amanda was very knowledgeable and her passion came through in her work with me. Thank you for everything!

Jessica L., South Africa

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda. I learned something new about myself every time we spoke and always felt motivated after our sessions. Overall I lost 1 stone and my fitness levels have really increased. Amanda showed me 100% dedication to my progress which I greatly appreciated. There isn't anything else she could have done better. 
Sue H., England

For as long as I can remember I have struggled to balance my stressful work life with a healthy diet and desperately needed help getting it right. Amanda took the time to get to know me and really listen to me and the issues I was having. She provided simple recommendations for change not only in my diet but in how I approach dealing with my overall health needs. She has a wide variety of knowledge and genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to her practical advice I have lost 30 pounds and improved my energy levels dramatically. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone feeling that they could make improvements in their overall health and wellness.

 Amy H., Canada


Amanda was so encouraging about my progress. We have also been in contact in between sessions which was huge for me as she is really interested in her client’s wellbeing. She never once looked down on me when I did something that was contradictory to what my original plan was. She taught me to celebrate the little things on the way to my goals. Amanda also has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition, stress management, and exercise. All the things that though I am interested in, I was not able to work on them simultaneously. Amanda seems to understand the underlying issues even though I was not able to communicate them all the time. I am so glad that I had a chance to work with her. It makes all the difference moving forward.
Petra B., Slovakia 



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