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Air Fryer Cottage Cheese Toast

This cottage cheese toast is high in protein, has hidden veggies, and is ready to eat in 10 minutes. The best part of this recipe? It tastes just like pizza!

toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes

Cottage cheese toast is making a comeback in 2024, and for a good reason. It's a much more accessible and user friendly alternative to avocado toast. No stress over attaining perfect avocado ripeness or spending more money on ricotta cheese. You an also enjoy this immensely satisfying and delicious recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be customized to be pretty much anything you want it to be.

I created this version of cottage cheese toast based on inspiration from Hailey Bieber's iconic pizza toast. Her recipe calls for mozzarella, but this spinoff uses cottage cheese which is lower in both fats and calories. This has become my go-to lunch for when I'm short on time and need something to keep me full for a busy afternoon of client calls or fitness classes.

2 pieces of toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes on a plate

Nutritionally, cottage cheese is a powerhouse. It's super high in protein at 20 grams per serving and is a great source of calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, and selenium. These nutrients play a role in supporting good muscle quality, improved metabolism, better blood sugar management, higher energy levels and efficient hormone balancing.

Here's a quick peek behind the scenes at this dish being made, which hopefully shows you how quickly you can whip this up in your own kitchen.

Looking for a vegan option? Use a plant-based cheese spread or melt some of your favourite shredded vegan cheese.

No air fryer? No problem. This recipe can be made in the same time using an oven (see instructions below).


Serves: 1

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Cottage Cheese Toast Ingredients

• 2 slices of your favourite bread

• 4 fl oz. (120ml) tomato sauce

• 1.4 oz. (40g) shredded zucchini (courgette)

• 1.4 oz. (40g) chopped spinach

• 4 oz. (115g) cottage cheese

• 1.4 oz. (40g) cherry tomatoes, halved

• Fresh basil, for garnish


1. Mix the tomato sauce and zucchini together and spread the mixture onto the slices of bread.

2. Top with spinach, cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.

3. Place the bread into the air fryer (or oven) and cook at 390°F (200°C) for about 8 minutes.

4. Garnish with fresh basil before serving.


Per serving equals:

326 kcal

10g Fats

39g Carbs

20g Protein

6g Fibre


And there you have it. A quick and satisfying recipe that is:

  • Enjoyable to eat at any meal of the day

  • Better on calories and your budget

  • Nutritionally complete in several vitamins and minerals

  • The ultimate hack for a healthy, savoury indulgence

I do hope that you get a chance to give this recipe a try. For more healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes, grab a copy of my Vegetarian Recipe eBook.

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