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Welcome to Sculptrition!

Hi, I’m Amanda Grant, and I help busy women lose weight without diets or restrictions.


Imagine fitting into a new dress, wearing your favourite jeans that are currently packed away in the back of your wardrobe, and feeling great about how you look and feel…soon.


It can happen.


It will happen.


I have personally gone through a transformational weight loss journey after a decade struggle with yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, and unsustainable workout schedules. I lost 50 lbs. and have kept ALL of it off – without eliminating food groups, measuring portion sizes, depriving myself of meals out, or feeling like I had to spend hours in the gym to get the body I wanted.


Now my life’s mission is to help women like you regain confidence in yourself and transform your body.


You don’t have to feel ashamed of your weight anymore. With my guidance you will get lighter, leaner and live the life you deserve. It truly is possible!

Are you ready for your transformation?

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"I’m so so happy with my results after completing my program with Amanda. I’ve lost 45 lbs. in weight, dropped 3 dress sizes, and have developed a much healthier relationship with food."

— Jennifer, Canada

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"What can I say about working with Amanda, amazing ! I have totally changed my shape and I feel great. I have far exceeded my expectations and now feel that my years of yo-yo dieting and hours of cardio are firmly in the past!"

— Katie, Ireland

The Benefits of Sculptrition

Qualified Expertise

Flexible Scheduling

Personalised Programmes

Realistic Goal Setting

Transformed Body & Mind

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The Journey Towards Your Best Self Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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Weight Loss Coaching

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 Personal Training

What I have achieved while working with Amanda has exceeded beyond all of my expectations. I've lost 14 pounds without denying myself of any food or drink and am so much more confident in who I am. Amanda has helped change my whole mindset, live a happier life and make this a life changing process. She is truly amazing at what she does. 

- Nina P.

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Amanda is the best of the best. After completing my programme I have lost weight, achieved balance in my diet, and improved my fitness levels substantially/ I no longer binge eat from stress or anxiety and I have a much more positive mindset. She is very knowledgeable in this field and her passion came through in her work with me. Thank you for everything, Amanda!

- Jessica L.


If you want to lose weight whilst having a busy work schedule, you need to work with Amanda! She tailored my programme to my body's needs, current routine, and lifestyle preferences, making it much easier to adopt healthier habits. It's important to form a healthy relationship with food and thanks to her I was able to develop that without restrictions.

- Demi C.