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Yahoo! Life

The Benefits Of Exercising In Hot Weather

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Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine

5 Move Full Body Wedding Workout

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Women's Weekly

Featured in "My Healthy Life"

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My Soho Times

The Benefits Of Training Like A Tennis Player

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Stylist Online

How Tennis Benefits Health & Fitness

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Yoga Magazine

The Best Workout For Your Astrological Sign

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The Wellbeing Wanderer Podcast

The Truth About Weight Loss 

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County Wedding Magazines

Wedding Workout For Body Confidence

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Hello! Magazine

How To Get Toned Arms Like Kate Middleton

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The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

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Health & Wellbeing Magazine

Wimbledon Workout: Train Like A Tennis Player

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Saga Exceptional

How To Make Tasty Potatoes In Air Fryers

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Your Healthy Living

Healthy Holiday Hacks

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Saga Exceptional

Expert Review On Health Benefits of Air Fryers

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Women's Radio Station

How To Stay Fit & Healthy During Menopause

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Your London Wedding Magazine

25 Minute Full Body Wedding Workout

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How To Workout In Tune With Your Cycle

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Love It! Magazine

Weight Loss Wonder May 2023

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Daily Express

The Benefits Of Exercise With Endometriosis

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Woman & Home

Calorie Burn Benefits of Swimming

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The Capsule

Exercise Cycling

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My Baba

Exercise & Your Menstrual Cycle

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Stylist Magazine

Low Impact HIIT Alternatives 

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Momfullness Podcast

Changing Approach To Nutrition & Fitness 

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Health & Wellbeing Magazine 

A 7 Step Workout To Fast Track Your Fitness

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Top Santé UK

Q&A With A Fitness Expert

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Yoga Magazine

How To Build Strength At Home

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Women's Fitness

How To Return To Exercise After A Cold Or Flu

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Let's Get Physical: Retro Workouts Are Back

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Made in Kent Radio

How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off 

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9 Fitness Challenges To Kickstart January 2023

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MSN & Yahoo UK

Why Didn't Your New Year's Resolution Last?

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The Weekend Pages

Stop Dieting, Find Balance & Create A Healthy Lifestyle


Women's Health Magazine

The Health & Fitness Edit, Jan/Feb 2023 Issue

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The Independent

Can Exercise Help With Endometriosis?

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Daily Express

Improve Your Health & Looks With These 10 Brilliant Solutions

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Health & Wellbeing Magazine

Advice for a Safe Rage Run


The Mirror

Care For Your Health With These Innovative Medical & Cosmetic Solutions 

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Is 30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Enough To Lose Fat?


London Daily News 

Why Didn't Your New Year's Resolution Last?

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Is HIIT Three Times A Week Enough To Lose Weight?


Ambitious Woman's Thrive Guide

Three Pillars of Weight Loss & Body Transformation

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